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Mefjus & Bowsar drop this massive tune on soundcloud and are giving it away for free!


The next mix in the Bassic series comes from Dispatch mainstay and Metalheadz newcomer, DLR.

His latest track “Blue Room” w/ Script is out today and straight in at #1 on Redeye, leading on from stand-out March releases “New Design” w/ Break and “Totem / Novate” on Dispatch.

Providing a seemingly endless supply of top-quality releases, the next forays include a Utopia 12”, his “Your Mind EP” on Metalheadz, a spate of remixes plus two forthcoming albums; solo for Dispatch and in collab with Mako for Metalheadz.

Bursting with never-before-heard exclusives, this mix teases and hints at what’s to come from DLR and available to download for your own listening pleasure.

For all bookings, including Dispatch & Metalheadz label events, please contactalex@bassic.co




KMag Guest Mix
Supreme Being

KMag meets up with Supreme Being to discuss his life and current projects. 

Get your copy of the mix below:


KMag Guest Mix
Crissy Criss

Fresh off the press. Crissy Criss met up with KMag for an interview about his upbrining, current projects and what his future holds for him. In addition, he left the good folks at Kmag with a little goodie for us to enjoy. 

Read the interview and get your copy of the guest mix here:



Pendulum - Another Planet
Sub Focus - Turn Back Time (Metrik Remix)
Original Sin - Stronger
Knife Party - LRAD (The Prototypes Remix)
Loadstar - Under Pressure
Mampi Swift - Untitled
Fourward - Countdown
TC - Where’s My Money
Original Sin - Screamers
Bad Company - Pulse
Dimension - Crowd Reaction VIP
Cyantific - Hard Times
D Bridge - True Romance VIP
Technimatic - Not Far To Go
Legion & Logam - Warehouse
Loadstar - Stepped Outside
Original Sin - Promise Me
Cyantific - Infinity Plus 1
Logistics - Warehouse
Chase & Status - Count on Me (Andy C Remix)
Sub Focus - Airplane
Chase & Status - Blind Faith (Loadstar Remix)
MC Fats & A-Sides - Dreaming (Serum & Bladerunner Remix)
Fred V & Grafix - Maverick Souls
Original Sin - Running Man
Wilkinson - Too Close VIP
The Prototypes - Lights
Delta Heavy - Apollo
Original Sin - Borg
Spor - Kingdom
Callide & Intraspekt - Stone Cold
Fourward - Phase Align
Capone - Ill Be Your
Bladerunner - I Need You
Kove - Searching
Cause4Concern - Hammerhouse (InsideInfo Remix)
J Majik vs Hatiras - Spaced Invader
Kasra & Enei - Breath
A.I. - War Horse
Mampi Swift - Gangster
L Plus - Everyone
Cyantific - Ice Cream (Vanilla Mix)
Delta Heavy - The World Is Yours
Break & DLR - New Design
Hive - Neo (Audio Remix)
Rene LaVice - I Want More
Mefjus - Dissuade
InsideInfo - Being
Ram Trilogy - Screamer VIP
Dayni - Extinction
Rene LaVice - Absolute Monster

Krafty Kuts drops his first podcast with what is probably the best Hip-Hop mix ever made. 

90 tracks in 60 minutes. An education for all into the foundations of the worlds most influencial genre and subculture of modern days. 

Here’s what Kafty has to say about it. Tracklist after the break:

This is the first instalment of Krafty Kuts New Podcast Series. If you like what you hear and want to own it, subscribe to the Krafty Kuts Podcast on Itunes here: tinyurl.com/KraftyKutsPodcast

Krafty Kuts roots are deeply entrenched in Hip Hop, this mix has been 15 years in the making and it features not just a collection of music that has inspired Krafty Kuts in his career, but exclusive interviews from Hip Hop legends such as DJ Cashmoney, Z-Trip & DJ Numark.

Hip Hop was the first music to truly touch Krafty Kuts soul, there is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t listen to it. This mix pays homage to the music that has inspired his life, lead his career and touched his soul. A Special thank you to Chris Bishop (Stereo:Type) for engineering this mix, couldn’t have done it without ya buddy !!


Track Listing:

1. Krafty Kuts - Intro 
2. Group Home - Supa Star
3. Raekwon - Heaven & Hell (Inst)
4. Ill & AL Skratch - Were’s My Hommies (Inst)
5. Ice T - Colors (Acapella)
6. Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M 
7. 7 L & Esoteric - Def Rhymes (Inst)
8. Alkaholics Ft Diamond D - Next Level (Acapella)
9. Gravediggaz - Constant Elevation (Inst)
10. D.I.T.C. - Day One (Inst)
11. Craig Mack - Flava In Your Ear 
12. Jay Z - A Million & One Questions DJ Premier Remix (Inst)
13. Blahzay Blahzay - Danger (Acapella)
14. Jeru Tha Damja - Can’t Stop The Prophet - Pete Rock Remix (Inst)
15. Public Enemy - Shut Em Down (Acapella)
16. Public Enemy - Shut Em Down Pete Rock Remix (Inst)
17. Jeru Tha Damja - Ya Playin Yourself (Acapella)
18. Nine - Whutcha want (Inst)
19. Method Man - Method Man (Acapella)
20. Nas - Halftime 
21. FunkDoobiest - Lost In Thought (Inst)
22. Funkdoobiest - The Funkiest & (Acapella)
23. Audio 2 - Top Billin (Acapella)
24. Beatnuts - Ya’ll Betta Believe (Inst)
25. Ozomatli - Cut Chemist Suite (Acapella)
26. Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard (Inst)
27. Beatnuts - Get Funky (Inst)
28. Lords Of The Underground - What I’m After (Acapella) 
29. DJ Honda - On The Mic (inst)
30. Q Tip Feat Busta Rhymes - For The Nasty (Acapella)
31. O.D.B. - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
32. ATCQ - Can I Kick It (Inst)
33. Emotions - I LIke It
34. Skee Lo - I Wish (Inst)
35. 2 Pac - California Love 
36. Nice & Smooth - Hip Hop Junkies (Acapella)
37. A.D.O.R. - Let It All Hang Out - Pete Rock Remix
38. A.D.O.R. - One For The Treble (Acapella)
39. Brand Nubians - Slow Down 
40. Biggie Smalls - Party & Bullshit & (Acapella)
41. Rakim - It’s Been A Long Time (Inst)
42. Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up (Inst)
43. Porn Theatre Ushers - You & Him
44. Dr.Dre - What’s The Difference (Inst)
45. Luniz - I Got 5 On It (Acapella & Inst)
46. Fugees - Fu- Ge - La (Acapella & Inst)
47. D & D Allstars - 1, 2 Pass It (Acapella)
48. Cypress Hill - Pigs (Inst)
49. Mr. Complex - Visualize (Inst)
50. Pharcyde - Ya Mamma Vocal Mix & (Acapella)
51. LL Cool J - I Shot Ya (Inst)
52. Common Sense - Resurrection (Acapella)
53. Craig Mack - Flava In Your Ear
54. KRS 1 - Mc’ Act Like They Don’t Know & Inst
55. KRS 1 - Step Into A World 
56. Whodini - Big Mouth (Acapella)
57. Rakim - Guess Who’s Back (Inst)
58. M.O.P Ft Busta Rhymes - Ante Up Remix Vocal (Acapella & Inst)
59. Dmx - Party Up (inst)
60. Krafty Kuts Ft Dynamite Mc - We Do This (Acapella)
61. Stetsasonic - Go Stetsa 
62. LL Cool J - Mamma Said Knock You Out
63. Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours (Inst)
64. ATCQ - Award Tour (inst)
65. Gang Starr - DWYCK (Acappella)
66. Gang Starr - Just To Get A Rep (Inst)
67. Gang Starr - Step In The Arena (Inst)
68. K Solo - Letterman - (Inst) Pete Rock Remix
69. Uptown - Dope On Plastic (Acapella)
70. Roxanne - Have A Nice Day
71. Big L - Platinum Plus (Inst)
72. Roxanne Shante - Big Mamma (Acapella)
73. Large Professor - About That Time (Inst)
74. Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies
75. Beastie Boys - Root Down
76. Beastie Boys - 33% God 
77. Beastie Boys - Sure Shot (Inst)
78. Pharcyde - Oh Shit
79. Ice Cube Feat Das Efx - Check Yo Self & Remix
80. Run Dmc - Down With The King
81. Funkdoobiest - Wopbabalubop
82. Lord Finesse - Return Of The Funykman (Acapella)
83. Mad Lion - Take It Easy (Inst)
84. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - TROY (Inst)
85. Masta Ace - Jeep Ass Nigga (Acapella)
86. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - The Magnificent 
87. Big Daddy Kane - A’int No Half Steppin
88. Diamond D - Freestyle Yo That’s That Shit (Inst)
89. Lords Of The Underground - Funky Child Vocal & Inst
90. Big Daddy Kane - A Taste Of Chocolate Krafty Kuts Outro Mix

Subscribe to Krafty Kuts Podcast on Itunes: tinyurl.com/KraftyKutsPodcast

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Randomer - Autonomy (feat. REDS)

(Source: youtube.com)

40 world class dj’s, 34 hours of drum & bass all in 1 location!

Fabric grouped all of the D’n’B Fabriclive Promo mixes into one set.

So much non stop drum & bass! It’s a marathon so epic, you won’t be able to sit still!

Prior to Stray’s Matchstick EP release he a bit of time recording this gem to showcase his EP. 

Great selection and vibes!


Sabre - Cashmere For Xmas (Critical Music)
Chance The Rapper - Acid Rain (N/A)
Rigglebeats - Doves (N/A)
Sam Binga ft. Redders - Leftem (Critical Music)
Stray - Matchsticks (Exit Records)
Mr. Carmack - Hopscotch (Mad Decent)
»Wagon Christ - The Funnies (Ninja Tune)
Cardiak - Start It Up Instrumental (G Unit)
ARP▲101 x Darkhouse Fam - Untitled (Brownswood)
Sabre - Voltage (N/A)
Stray - Eazy Boy (Exit Records)
Darkhouse Fam - Brock Wild (Brownswood)
Eprom - Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix) (Rwina)
Gamma - Bounce (N/A)
RP Boo - Speakers R-4 (Sounds) (Planet Mu)
DVA - Walk It Out (Rashad’s Slip Away Remix) (Hyperdub)
Earl x Sirrtmo x Boylan - Blunt To My Lips 2014 (N/A)
Mark Pritchard - Natty (Warp Records)
Stray - Chatterbox (N/A)
Okor - Trust Us (N/A)
Machinedrum - SeeSea (Ninjatune)
Traxman - The Comeback 2011 (Planet Mu)
Joss Ryan - Melancholy Dreams (Slick Shoota Remix) (N/A)
Stray - VIP Zoom (Exit Records)
Dream Continuum - Set It (Spectrasoul Edit) (N/A)
Sinistar, Calculon & Austin Speed - Cucaracha (N/A)
Alix Perez x Stray - RIPNDIP (N/A)
Fracture x Stray - Bounce That (Exit Records)
Addison Groove x Sam Binga - Rzor [Friction Remix] (Shogun Audio)
Ivy Lab x Emperor - Pepper (Critical Music)
Noisia x The Upbeats - Little Fling (Critical Music)
dBridge - Original World (Exit Records)
»Calibre - Leave Me (Signature)
Halogenix - Feel It (N/A)

The latest installment of HeartDrive’s podcast series picks up the pace a bit with a darker more techy side of drum & bass. Marking the halfway point of the 6 mix release based on their website, it’s exactly where you’d expect to be half way through the greatest mix series you’ve ever heard.

Personally I’m hoping they keep building up the vibes and create a masterpiece series of podcasts that take us through an incredible journey of the versatile sounds of drum & bass. 

Module Eight was just released and has yet to provide a tracklist but it is definitely filled with incredible vibes. 

dBridge and Kid Drama.. I tip my hat to you sirs!

Second mix from HeartDrive entitled Empathy Reboot continues to provide amazing vibes and soothing drum & bass basslines.

Check out HeartDrive here:



1. dBridge - Void Response
2. Deepchild - I Want No Walls In My Country
3. Consequence - Untitled
4. Jensen Interceptor - Shape Lurks
5. Hands Like Crime - Hardened 
6. Kid Drama - Kill Time
7. Hands Like Crime - Brawler (F/ Kid Drama)
8. Skeptical - No Discipline (F/ dBridge)
9. Loxy, Resound & dBridge - We Could Be (F/ Alia Fresco)
10. Kid Drama - What Used To B
11. Kid Drama - Separation 
12. dBridge - A Love I Cant Explain
13. Skeptical - Disguise 
14. dBridge x J:Kenzo - Untitled
15. Blu Mar Ten - Thin Air (F/ Robert Manos & Yosebu) Kid Drama Remix

You’ve probably not heard of this duo coming together… but holy shit what a team they make. the all mighty dBridge & Kid Drama team up to become HeartDrive. 

Massive talent bring you the first in a series of what is sure to be the best mixes you’ve heard in a while!

HeartDrive delivers this very relax, chill and minimal dnb mix. Perfect for a sunny Saturday morning coffee! 

Automated Love Tracklist:

1] dBridge - Splice
2] Heart Drive - Sindicate
3] Kid Drama - In Mind
4] Heart Drive - Empathy Reboot
5] Heart Drive - Format Affection
6] dBridge - Lost Signal (interlude)
7] Heart Drive - Aut0mated L0ve
8] dBridge - Module Eight
9] Heart Drive - Vent
10] Kid Drama - What Do You See
11] dBridge - Avery Glitch
12] Kid Drama - Retract (f/ Hands Like Crime)
13] dBridge - Metrodrone
14] Heart Drive - When Droids Cry
15] Twisted Tokyo (Outro)

Chris Lake feat. Jareth - Helium (Rene LaVice Remix)

Get your copy: 

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/HeliumRMXs
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/helium-remixes/1272419

L Plus – Everyone / The Lost Moon

Technique’s Slovakian assassin is back. Fresh from dusting off a couple of classic cuts for the TECH 100 Retrospective LP, L Plus has managed to find the time in his ever-burgeoning international DJing schedule to supply something brand new.

“Everyone” goes percussive straight from the off with layers of monotonic synths to get your head nodding. The intensity builds until some unmistakeably L Plus-flavoured punchy drums and sweeping bass tones signal it’s time for the dancefloor to get moving. This is the sound of primitive tribalistic rhythmic interplay built from anything-but-primitive sound design. When DJs want to mix into a sure-fire party bubbler, here’s one to have ready at the other end of the crossfader.

Then “The Lost Moon” goes a touch more atmospheric. Intergalactic brass stabs are underpinned by a classic “Houston we have a problem” sample and rising warning tones to leave you in no doubt that the situation’s about to get critical. And critical is exactly what it gets with a complex call-and-response drop punctuated by sudden vibe-twisting fills. This track draws you in and fires the dancefloor off on a journey through hostile alien territory with no escape pod.

As usual with L Plus, there’s more than just a couple of expertly crafted party-wrecking DJ tools here. There’s also some serious production skills and musicality on show, making this release perfectly suited for the radio as well as the rave.


1. L Plus – Everyone
2. L Plus – The Lost Moon

For interviews requests and further information, contact: info@techniquerecordings.co.uk

Dj Fresh & TC team up to make a massive tune!

Following on from his collaborations with Diplo on ‘Earthquake’ and Jay Fay on ‘Dibby Dibby Sound’, DJ Fresh is back with his new single ‘Make U Bounce’, a production collaboration with D&B legend TC.

Premiered by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 on 10th April 2014, who made it his Hottest Record in the World, ‘Make U Bounce’ is the third single to be taken from DJ Fresh’s new album - due for release later this year.

'Make U Bounce' is released on 22.06.14 on Ministry of Sound Recordings.

KMAG have another great mix and interview up for grabs!


Gamma’s mix definitely plays on the deeper, darker side of Drum & Bass… so good!


1. Gamma - If U Go Away 
2. Gamma - Untitled 
3. Djrum Vs - Onoe Caponoe - Milkyway 1311 (Djrum remix) 
4. Jaydrop - Return 
5. Gamma - Zion 
6. Gamma - Chavland 
7. Icicle - Anxious 
8. Ivy Lab & Emperor - Pepper 
9. Gamma - Quantum Mechanical 
10. Bredren - Mechanica 
11. Transparent - Cocaine 
12. DLR - Sleep Talk 
13. Zero T (Feat. Steo) - Walk Away (Gamma Remix) 
14. Gamma - Untitled 
15. Machinedrum - Gunshotta